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The Be Sharp Beetles studio is and exclusive venue for Be Sharp Beetles parents/caregivers and children.  

Classes resume on the 19th April 2017 for the second quarter. The quarter is 9 weeks long.

Be Sharp Beetles studio Johannesburg:

The Johannesburg Be Sharp Beetles studio is situated in Northcliff.  This studio has been running for more than a decade. 

Contact details:


Fee: R 1300 per quarter (9 lessons) plus a R 100 yearly registration fee. You receive a Be Sharp Beetles musical gift for the R 100 registration fee.

The Northcliff studio has an Instagram page. For more information on our studio, join our Instagram page. Address: besharpbeetles.


Background of teacher: Liesel started playing the piano at the age of 5 and the violin when she was 10.  She played in the East Rand Youth Orchestra, sang in the choir and on stage, worked as a piano teacher and a professional musician and played the piano in bands. Liesel has a Grade 8 UNISA qualification in piano, a Grade 4 UNISA qualification in violin and Grade 6 UNISA qualification in musical theory. She was involved in all 8 music productions for Be Sharp Beetles as well as the composition of the music. Liesel has a B.A. Communications degree (University of Johannesburg) a P.R. diploma (Damelin) and has worked corporately. For the last 14 years she has been actively involved in developing the musical abilities of pre-school children from babies to 8 year olds. Apart from the violin and piano she also plays the recorder and is learning the guitar. 

Be Sharp Beetles Studio Pretoria:

The Pretoria studio launches in 2017 and is in the Pierre van Ryneveld area.

Contact details:


Fee: R 1200 per quarter (9 lessons) plus a R 100 yearly registration fee. You receive a Be Sharp Beetles musical gift for the R 100 registration fee. 

Background of teacher: Ursula has a GRADE 4 in guitar (UNISA) and has played guitar in a number of public performances as a child and adult. She also plays the keyboard, sings and has recently taken up the violin. Ursula has a HED qualification from the University of Pretoria. She worked at Opti-baby for 5 and a half years as a pre-school teacher. Ursula has been with Be Sharp Beetles for the last 4 years as a teacher and Franchise holder. 

Sibling discount:

There is a 10% discount on the fee for the second sibling and the third sibling receives a 20% discount on fees. The discount is not applicable to the registration fee.

Requirements for joining:

The Be Sharp Beetles experience is a lot of fun. It is also an experience for parents that are committed to their child's musical, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Understanding the musical process your child will partake in in Be Sharp Beetles class will be very beneficial to your child's development as well as your own musical experience.

Read through the section on our website "About Us" - Our Curriculum" in order to familiarise yourself with the outcomes for each age group. You will then understand how the Be Sharp Beetles life cycle works over the first 8 years of musical development. Having done research on the benefits of music and movement will assist you in understanding how music develops a child holistically and how the musical processes work as your child participates in the Be Sharp Beetles class. There are a number of articles on our Home Page that you can read:"How music enhances Brain development", "Babies and BSB" and "We are born with musical abilities". Also refer to the "About us" - "The importance of music" section for quotes. 

  • For new enrolments: full payment as well as the completion of the enrolment form are required to enroll your child in classes. 
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • A months notice is required should you not be continuing with classes for the next quarter.
  • Payment for each quarter needs to be done by the first lesson.
  • We unfortunately do not offer trial classes.

In our classes we focus on the following:

The exposure to a variety of percussion and melodic instruments: Children have the opportunity to play with different kinds of maracas, castanets, bells, rhythm sticks and shakers. They are exposed to the recorder, the piano, the guitar and the violin and are encouraged to use their voices as the voice is also an "instrument". Children have the opportunity to play on the conga and bongo drums, a variety of African drums including different sized djembe drums, buffalo drums and handmade drums. Lessons are prepared by the teacher from a tried and tested curriculum so that the child is stimulated at his developmental level and kept interested during the 40 minute class.

Musical development: Our children hear Opera and the music of well-known composers such as Mozart and Beethoven in class. They are exposed to good quality African music, Latin American, Rock and Roll music, Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, Classical and music in different languages i.e. English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Sotho. They learn to play different rhythms while playing with a variety of percussion instruments. All our music is locally composed and produced in recording studio's in the Johannesburg area. Be Sharp Beetles has 8 Volumes of original music that are used throughout the 6 years that the child attends the classes.

Music and Movement classes develops the whole brain: Music is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain: both the logical and creative side at the same time. By using both sides of the brain at the same time the brain grows connections across the hemispheres. The more connections the more children integrate what they are learning. Music and Movement stimulates every part of the brain - this is called "wholebrain" development.

Social interaction:  Group social skills are developed as children learn to appreciate the ideas of others, take turns and work together. Age appropriate musical activities are presented from week to week and this enhances the enjoyment of the group experience.

Language development: Musical stories develop listening and concentration skills which are essential in acquiring language. Language also develops in music class as children grow in their knowledge of other cultures and times. 

The Be Sharp Beetles class:

The Be Sharp Beetles class is 40 minutes. There are different options for times and days for different age groups. 

The classes are not focused on performance. Rather the experience of music needs to be joyful, exciting and fulfilling. A child might decide that he wants to sit and watch initially rather than participate, while another child cannot sit still and needs to constantly explore the environment. We need to allow our children, within the boundaries of the class, to learn according to their learning style. Learning styles can be kinaesthetic (prefers to move in order to learn), visual (prefers to sit and watch all the activities and then go home and do everything he/she saw in class), auditory (has a sensitivity to sound and might turn away from the visual stimulation in order to hear better) and verbal (the child participates by talking and telling stories).

After the Be Sharp Beetles class:

The studio experience is not only about the 40 minute class, but also about the Be Sharp Beetles experience afterwards. The time after class is a social time for the parents and children to interact with one another.

We also offer the following to all parents and children enrolled at our studio's:

  • Information regarding different aspects of your child's musical development via email. Email information will also include pointers on the benefits of music education and more information regarding the activities we do in class
  • You will receive a quarterly newsletter 
  • You will receive two summarized reports during the year regarding the musical development of your child
  • Children receive a certificate at the end of the year 
  • Join us in sharing memories on our private Instagram page for studio parents (Northcliff studio)

Tea, coffee, juice and water as well as biscuits are available after class.

Some other notes:

·  All the Be Sharp Beetles cd’s as well as the instruments are on sale during the quarter.

·  A variety of people attending the classes with the children: nannies, grannies and aunties, au-pairs, dads and other family members and friends.    Everyone is welcome.

·  The instruments are cleaned on a regular basis. Hygiene is of the utmost importance to us. 

We look forward to you joining us!