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Be Sharp Beetles is a Music Education programme that develops children from 8 weeks to 8 years of age. The original music and lessons are specifically written to include a variety of music and song styles, culture(s) and languages that will stimulate and encourage your child to grow.

Children and parents can look forward to:

• Drumming,

• Music, stories and rhymes developing life skills and cultural awareness,

• Dancing, singing and games that develop social skills,

• Exposure to a variety of percussion instruments. Instrument play develops flexibility of movement and rhythm in a child.


The Be Sharp Beetles slogan is to “develop happy children through music

The ‘Be Sharp Beetles” Music and Movement programme will do the following for your child:


• Create a happy child through music, movement and fun

• Develop an understanding of music and a love for this form of the arts

• Develop rhythm which is crucial for writing, reading, playing a sport and language skills

• Changes the way your child thinks by using the left and right brain simultaneously

• Stimulate your child’s problem solving and mathematical abilities

• Develops fine and gross motor skills

• Gives children the opportunity to express what they feel through movement and instrument play


Music is an international language that brings people together and enables our children to learn while having lots of fun.