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Welcome to our Be Sharp Beetles Community!

Be Sharp Beetles is a Music and Movement Programme that is offered in a studio environment where children and parents participate on a weekly basis in music and movement classes. Be Sharp Beetles is also presented at a number of nursery schools/pre-schools where the children participate in the music classes on their own with the Be Sharp Beetles teacher. We work with children from 8 weeks to 8 years old. Our aim is to provide your child with a fun filled musical adventure that will enrich their lives. For more information on what we do in class, refer to the section on "Our Curriculum" the "About us" section.

Be Sharp Beetles slogan: "Creating happy children through music"

Our music includes different genres of music from Rock and Roll, traditional African, English and Afrikaans music, Latin- American, Reggae, Classical (opera and instrumental) and songs sung in different languages. The music on the 8 Volumes of Be Sharp Beetles cd's have been recorded in a recording studio and are mostly original compositions. Be Sharp Beetles includes drumming. percussion play, movement to music, cultural songs and rhymes and lots and lots of fun. Musical activities develop mathematical and reasoning abilities, it changes the way your child thinks by using the left and the right side of the brain simultaneously, it stimulates a child's problem solving abilities, increases a child's memory and above all "creates happy children through music".

The intellectual property and copyright of Be Sharp Beetles:

The Be Sharp Beetles intellectual property consists of the following:

  • The Be Sharp Beetles curriculum which includes the characters, story lines and class content which are included in the curriculum for each age group
  • The 8 Volumes of music recorded by Be Sharp Beetles
  • The intellectual property as per the Be Sharp Beetles training manual, business manual and contract

The use of any of Be Sharp Beetles intellectual property outside of the Be Sharp Beetles business entity is a criminal offence and an illegal act.