About Us

Pest Control Johannesburg

Welcome to home of pest control in Johannesburg!

Pest Control Johannesburg is locally and proudly South African pest control company that started in 1995 with the aim of aligning to the new South Africa that has opened up the country to the rest of the world!

Our diverse staff offers a range of talents and skills to handle large and small pest control management services alike and ensure that you a well scheduled plan to keep your property pest protected!

Local is lekker without pests!

Pest Control Johannesburg comes a long way from starting with one van to 15 vans that now service the greater Johannesburg region and allowing us to expand wider providing opportunities for employees and customers benefit from enjoying a pest free home.

The following features allow us to work with you in order to achieve our goals from start to finish of all pest control services:

  • Our Technicians:- Our pest control technicians include experts and juniors who have worked together to implement one of our greatest pest control methodologies which have worked time and time again!
  • Our Products:- At Pest Control Johannesburg we source our products and equipment from highly reputable companies and we have been certified and approved to carry our complex and large pest control applications across the city of Johannesburg.
  • Our Prices:- Our prices are fixed based on once-off offers. Our custom customers get to choose a budget and let us design a service plan based on their current pest situation.

Pest Control Johannesburg is a competitive company that strives on innovative solutions and our creative team has brought us many products and services that have left all our customers completely satisfied!

The  best company is now a few clicks way, contact Pest Control Johannesburg today for pest control services meant to keep you safe and protected 24/7/365!